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2014 Holiday SAREX Update

Well the 2014 Holiday SAREX is over. It started out with marginal weather, got worse then improved throughout the week although it did get considerably colder. Even with the improvement in the weather, our squadron still did not take much advantage of the good weather. Here are the stats. Twenty five sorties were flown by squadrons in the Kentucky Wing. The KY214 Squadron flew 4 of them. Of the 33.6 hours flown, the squadron flew only 6.5 hours or 19% of the total. Six sorties were cancelled during the week, half of them by the KY214. Even though we didn't fly a lot, those who did make the effort were rewarded with some really good training and fellowship.

On New Year's Eve, three members Hal Frary, Greg Bell and Ashley Baker were going to fly a training mission. Before the mission got started, Hal and Greg demonstrated an aircraft preflight with a senior member and cadet from another squadron. Before undertaking the training mission, the aircrew discovered a live ELT was going off on the field. They then used a handheld radio to locate the ELT. After spending a couple of hours walking around the freezing cold airport, the offending aircraft was discovered and its owners silenced the ELT. Unfortunately, they won't get credit for a find since it wasn't reported to AFRCC. The ELT was reported to the tower by the aircrew as soon as it was discovered. They were able to get the tower to send airport security to escort them around the field and access locked areas.

Afterwards, the aircrew went ahead and flew their training flight. Here are some photos from that last sortie of the SAREX by the KY214.





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