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2004 Squadron Christmas Party

The 2004 Squadron Christmas Party was held at Logans Roadhouse on Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews on 30-Dec-04.  About 20 some odd members and their spouses showed up for the annual "gala".  A room was set aside on the west side of the building to allow a bit more privacy for the party.  It lasted a couple of hours and everyone went home with a warm feeling inside.  No it wasn't heartburn!  Lt. Jerri Scott did all the ground work for this year's event and deserves all the credit for a party that went off smoothly.  Thanks Jerri.  Kenny Ulrich was quoted as saying," Thanks to Jerri for a fun party and thanks to you mates for caring enough to join our squadron."

The Jerri Scott Photos

Click me to see the Jerri's pictures.Click on the Christmas tree to see Jerri's Christmas party photos.  Sorry, I didn't load them on this page because it would take forever for it to load if you don't have a high speed Internet connection. 


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