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The KY214 Christmas Party was held at Buckhead's on Shelbyville Road

To wrap up the year in proper style, the KY214 "Can Do" Squadron held it's Christmas Party at the Buckhead Mountain Grill on Shelbyville Road near Middletown.  The party was held on the evening of Thursday, December 29th at 7:00 P.M. This also served as a nice way to wrap up the just concluded Winter SAREX.  The party had better attendance than any past event put on by the squadron.  The food and conversation were both very good and lively.  At the end of the dinner, the drawings were held for the fund raising raffle the squadron has been conducting. Information on who won the prizes will be posted as soon as possible.  To see what you missed, check out the photos that follow.  If you didn't attend, you missed out!  Make sure you are there next year....

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Be sure and click the New Button.  Lt. Jerri Scott sent in her Christmas photos from the party.   Thanks Jerri.


Skippy Greenwood, Jerri Scott and Marc Feld chew the fat. I blinded Judy and Chase Donaldson with this shot.  Sorry! Larry Herzog spins a yarn as Keith Noe looks on.  Wake up Keith! Wayne Klotz talks to Wallace Hardin.  Wallace Wittkoff says, "Can you hear me now?" Hurry up and wait for dinner.  CAP people are used to this drill. Capt. Marc Feld showed up in full service dress uniform.  Swwwweeeettt!!! Two full tables were not enough.  We had to flow over onto a third table. Stan Mullen and Jerri Scott make preparations for the raffle drawing. After dinner, squadron CO Stan Mullen made a few comments thanking everyone for their participation and wishing us success in the coming year.  He also wants us to "make more money!" Matt Creed and Ken (Vinton) Ulrich look on intently as Stan speaks. Everyone gave Stan full attention, especially since the raffle was about to begin. Jerri said a few words.  Colleen Ulrich picked the first name out of the box for the grand prize. And the winner is squadron member Larry Austin!  Congrats Larry. Jerri Scott also won a prize which she doesn't quite yet know what it is since the other two prizes were won by non-squadron members.

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