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The KY214 2006 Christmas Party was held at Bravo in St. Matthews

The annual Bowman Field Senior Squadron Christmas party was held on Friday night, December 29th at Bravo in St. Matthews. The event was full of conviviality's and all that attended seemed to have a good time. It was a tad pricey and the service was a bit slow but that just gave us more time to get together and have fun. (Actually we had to wait on Wallace Wittkoff or the entire thing would have gone off without a hitch!) Sorry Wallace... The food was very good (and fattening) and the staff also seemed to take their work very seriously. Kudos go to event organizer Ken Ulrich who came up with the location and made the arrangements. Ted Critchfield also helped by being the money man on the front end. Thanks also go to Tom Clark who provided the slideshow that ran throughout the evening. And all of us owe squadron commander Stan Mullen for the job he has done throughout the year. To see what went on at the party, just scroll down and start clicking!

Kenny Ulrich started to do a striptease for entertained but was convinced not to by Mrs. Chris Nester. Thank goodness! Shawn Herron, Joe Bryant and date are all smiles as they begin to look over the menu. This is Windows XP. Actually it is the desktop on Tom Clark's laptop. Doc put on a slideshow of photos from KY214 missions, training etc. that made for some very interesting viewing. Mr. and Mrs. Don Perkins appear to be enjoying themselves. Suddenly the mood turns somber. The waiter must have delivered the checks. Kentucky Wing Government Relations officer, Lt. Col. Nelson "Skip" Rue is flanked by Tom Clark on the left and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wittkoff on the right. Capt. Matt Creed (in the flight suit) attended the dinner. Matt is a former KY214 staffer now a big wheel in the Indiana Wing of CAP. Squadron member Larry Austin appears to be surprised when I took his picture eating his salad. Actually he looks like he wants to whip my butt!! Nah, Larry's a prince of a guy. The squadron webmaster and his woman. Greg and Maria Bell. Looks like we are having fun too. Photo courtesy of Doc Clark our tablemate. Chris Nester looks on at left. Wallace Hardin and Tom Clark are all smiles at the dinner. Larry and Dottie Austin smile for the camera. If you need an invisible pet fence, see Larry because he is the man. Skip Rue shows us that all wing staff members are not as bad as many think. Capt. Marc Feld and his significant other. Mark's in his Class A's and really looking Sierra Hotel. Major and Mrs. Larry Herzog also appear to have had a great time (notice the to-go box). A happy Christmas gaggle of colonels. These three happy musketeers are Vinton "Ken" Ulrich, John Casper and Stan Mullen. Collen Ulrich leans over as Mary Casper and Ken Ulrich share a holiday hug. Some more satified Bravo customers. Everyone appears happy and probably very full because there was a ton of food. Joe Bryants (wife/girl friend?) is in the foreground. Marc sent me this photo of him and his girlfriend that he enhanced. I put it at the end because he also cropped the image down and it did not match the others size-wise. Anyway here it is Marc.


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