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The KY214 2006 Christmas Party was held at Limestone Restaurant

As usual, the KY214 Squadron had a bang up Christmas party. This year's soiree was held at The Limestone Restaurant on Friday December 18th, starting at 6:30. Limestone was also the site of the 2008 Christmas party. Since we had a great experience there last year, it was decided to return. Ken Ulrich was the event organizer and did a fine job. He was able to get the squadron our own private room where we could celebrate Christmas as aviators do. The party kicked off with a brief reception where drinks, hors d'oeuvres and good conversation were had by all.  Normally, we hold the Christmas Party at the conclusion of the annual Winter SAREX, but with the economic downturnThis is a Word Document of the menu for the evening @ Limestone Restaurant. affecting government spending as well as that of individuals and businesses, the SAREX was not  funded this year. Anyway, we didn't let the gloomy economy become a downer for our Christmas party. We had roughly thirty participants with very view no shows. If you weren't able to attend this year you missed out! To see what was served click on the menu icon. 

The cocktail hour was in full swing. (L- R) Marc Feld, Ted Critchfield, Carol (Marc's girlfriend) and Mrs. & Mr. Joe Bryant. Larry Austin, George Lasley and Dottie Austin seem to be having a good time. Foreground, Mrs. Larry Herzog, Mikasa Critchfield and Larry. Ken Ulrich, John Casper, Wallace and Mrs. Wittkoff. Cheers! Mary Casper is chatting up Colleen Ulrich. Maria Bell is in the background. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Critchfield enjoying a pre-dinner beverage.Foreground, Mrs. Larry Herzog, Mikasa Critchfield and Larry. Still going and going and going...... Marc Feld and his girlfriend Carol enjoying a festive beverage! The crowd finally starts heading for the seats in preparation for dinner. The George Lasley's. Say cheese. Nice..... Robert Patterson has his wife Jennifer and Maria Bell in stitches over something. Dinner begins. A good time was had by all! Here is the plaque that was to be presented to Col. Stan Mullen for all his year's of service as our squadron commander. Thanks again Stan!

Unfortunately the guest of honor for the dinner was unable to attend. Colonel Stan Mullen was going to be honored for his many years of faithful and selfless service as squadron commander of the KY214. However, due to a family illness, Stan was unable to attend. Here is the plaque that was to be presented to Col. Mullen for all his hard work and dedication. We all appreciate what he has done to make this the most successful and professional squadron in the wing!


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