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The 2010 Christmas Party Sets a Record!

The KY214 Squadron's 2010 Christmas Party did indeed set some records. It was the smallest crowd ever to show up at the annual event. It also had the highest number of no-shows/no-calls of any Christmas Party ever. Two records that we should not be very proud of. Two members who had planned to attend did call to inform me of family illnesses that would prevent them from coming. The restaurant was very gracious since we had roughly half of the people we had told them to expect, show up. The weather was also kind of dicey with wind, snow and cold possibly keeping some members away. The party was also a lot later this year since planning for it also began at a very late date. Having it on January 7th, 2011 maybe the holiday spirit was gone. Who knows......

Despite the low turnout, those that did decide to attend had a very good time. The party was held at John E's Restaurant in Buechel. The food was excellent and there was plenty of it as well! I did not hear a single complaint from any attendee (other than waiting too long for people to show up who didn't!) Everyone had a good time with lots of fun and good conversation. Below are some pictures for the party.

Major Larry Herzog and his wife Ruth Ann. SM Maria Bell waiting for the other attendees to show up. Larry and Dottie Austin were in attendance. 1Lt. Kathy Lepley who recently transferred into the squadron from Alaska was there also. Squadron commander, Major Keith Noe and Dorothy Meyers-Noe behind Major Herzog. Everybody was busy chatting it up. Capt. Marc Feld and Carol Milam look like they are having a good time! Larry and Dottie awaiting dinner. Marc discussing communications issues with Larry and Keith.


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