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2014 Squadron SAREX (Updated with additional photos)

The Bowman Field Senior Squadron held a squadron SAREX on October, 25th-26th, 2014. The base of operations was in Hangar 5 thanks to some patriotic warbird pilots on the field who let us borrow their hangar and meeting space for the event. The first step was getting the command center setup, then the SAR training flights were launched. Squadron members gained experience and training in both air and ground mission areas. We had 17 people participate in the SAREX. Three members of the Kentucky Wing staff also showed up at the exercise. A total of three aircraft were used. Nine sorties were launched over two days, totally 11.2 flight hours. Our gratitude goes to those members who made this exercise a success! Lt. Col. Larry Herzog was the IC and Major Bob Sobotka was second in command. Thanks guys. Great job! Here are some photos from the SAREX.




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