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Squadron Members Participate in Georgetown SAREX

Members of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron participated in the SAREX held at Georgetown, Kentucky and sponsored by the Bluegrass Senior Squadron out of Lexington, Kentucky. The SAREX took place the weekend of June 8th-10th. Two aircraft and aircrews from the KY214 participated in the search and rescue exercise. Six members from the Bowman Field Senior Squadron who participated in the recent SAREX were: Capt. Larry Austin (MP), Major Larry Herzog (MO), Lt. Pete Miller (MS), Capt. Marc Feld (AP), Lt. Frank Coomes (MS) and Major Greg Bell (MP). Members received some good training and several qualifications and requals were accomplished. If you missed it, you missed out! Below are some photos from the SAREX courtesy of Capt. Marc Feld.

Capt. Marc Feld in front of a line of Kentucky Wing CAP aircraft that were present at the SAREX. Training on the CAP Tactical Airborne Repeater was provided by Major George Stinson. Pictured touched up for OPSEC purposes. Major Greg Bell who served as a mission pilot in front of a CAP C-182T. Major Bell and Lt. Frank Coomes in front of CAP 1530. Lt. Coomes was undergoing mission scanner training at the exercise. Major Bell and Lt. Coomes in front of N884CP. Smiles for everyone. Lt. Coomes has completed his scanner training. A LARGE landmark near Georgetown airport. The Toyota plant. Another view of the Toyota plant. One more distant pic of the Toyota plant. Training completed the aircrew heads back to Bowman Field. Here we are on right base for runway 24.


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