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Aerial Photography (AP) SAREX

On Saturday, July 27th, members of the KY214 Squadron in Louisville participated in the wing-wide AP SAREX conducted out of Frankfort at Kentucky Wing HQ. One aircraft from Louisville participated. The participating aircrew was comprised of Capt. Larry Austin, mission pilot, Capt. Marc Feld, mission observer/AP, and Lt. Frank Coomes mission observer/AP. The aircrew launched out of Bowman Field in Louisville, took several photos and then recovered at Capital City Airport in Frankfort where the observers and APs switched roles. Here are some photographs from the exercise.

    Capt. Larry Austin's home from 1000' AGL. Another view of the house and land. L-R SM Steve Mick, SM Keely Mick, Capt. Austin, Lt. Coomes. Capt. Larry Austin at the controls. Capt. Marc Feld acting as mission observer on this leg. Their office for the day. Landing at Capital City Airport in Frankfort, KY. Guist Creek Dam in Shelbyville, KY. Front facing Guist Creek Dam. After the training mission Capt. Austin, Capt. Feld, Lt. Frank Coomes and SM Steve Mick sit around a table at LEA in order to wrap up paperwork and photo processing. Photo by SM Keely Mick.

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