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Aerial Photography (AP) Training

On June 28th, KY214 members Greg Bell, Frank Coomes and Bob Sobotka went on two training flights to get Frankf and Bob qualified as APs. Since aerial photography is a big part of our mission these days it is very important that we have plenty of qualified people that are good at it. If you would like to train for a airborne speciality, guidelines on how to set it up are located on the Kentucky Wing website. Here are some photographs from the training. To see the actual mission photos you must go into WMIRS. They will be listed under June training flights. They came out very good.

Frank Coomes and Bob Sobotka preflighting the camera etc. Greg Bell was the mission pilot for the training. AP mission briefing. Packing up after the training sorties and getting some fuel at LEA. Frank and Bob processing the photographs. An after action evaluation was also done of the photos as well as signoffs for these now qualified APs. Good job guys!

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