CAP aircraft during World War 2 attacking a German submarine off the US coastline.

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Some History of the Civil Air Patrol

I recently obtained some old CAP publications at yard sales held in Louisville.  They were in really good shape (considering their age) and very pertinent even today.  Civil Air Patrol has always used forms, publications, regulations and pamphlets.  It is amazingly how little this has changed over the years.

The Cadet Log Book

In this first installment, I will show you a Cadet Log Book that was used to monitor the progress of CAP cadets in their training endeavors.   This manual, CAP 50-2 was published in 1959.  This is a very organized little booklet and does away with a bunch of forms and really shows how much training CAP cadets used to get. 

Here is the cover of the Cadet Log Book.  Notice the multi-engine jet aircraft around the compass rose.  This is the back page of the log book. It has all the information necessary to return it to the cadet that lost it. Training was setup in three phases back then, all three contained in this one booklet.  It looks similar to our current 101T forms. I like how this is presented and it keeps the cadet from having to hang on to a variety of forms to get all of their qualifications.  The first phase only takes one page.
Phase II take a little bit more effort to complete. Here is Phase III.  Another neat feature about this setup is it tells you what you qualify for when you finish each step of the program. This is the personnel record.  Again all neatly fits on one page. It has places for achievements, O-rides, decorations.  You name it!
This part shows the options you have for completing Phase III.  More Phase III options. Always Vigilant!

This emblem was used by CAP aircraft that flew coastal patrols. The red propellor emblem was removed like the other red markings in the Army Air Force's roundel to keep them from being confused with Japanese aircraft.Here is a great link to additional CAP history located on the National CAP Website.  Just click on the icon below to go there and read more about this historic organization. Any idea what the insignia is?  It was used during World War 2 on select Civil Air Patrol aircraft.  If you really want to find out click on the link.



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