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KY214 at the Bardstown SAREX

The Bowman Field Senior Squadron played a large role in the recently conducted Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) conducted at Bardstown, Kentucky (BRY) on April 26th-27th. The following members of KY214 participated. Frank Coomes, Bill Rasson, Hal Frary, Bob Sobotka, Larry Herzog, Tom Clark, Bill Jenkins and Larry Austin. If I left someone out that attended, let me know. Good job guys! The exercise ran both Saturday and Sunday. Bill Rasson also took a glider flight with Col. Paul Osborne. The gilder photos and videos are courtesy of Bill. The first collection of photos are courtesy of Major Tom Clark.

To see the YouTube videos Bill Rasson took of his glider flight, click on the following links.

Bills Glider Takeoff    Bill's Glider Landing

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