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CAP predominantly uses high wing aircraft such as Cessnas, Maules and a few GA-8 Airvans. This is due to the fact that our mission of search and rescue (SAR) necessitates getting the best view of the ground possible. CAP also has a fleet of gliders, mostly used for giving CAP cadets orientation rides (O-rides). Here are some photographs of CAP aircraft courtesy of www.airliners.net. Kentucky Wing CAP only has Cessna C-172s and Cessna C-182s in their fleet. The other aircraft shown are used in others parts of the country.

CAP Cessna C-206 Stationaire

CAP Maule M-7-235

Super Rocket


CAP Cessna C-182 Skylane

Kentucky uses this aircraft type.


CAP GA-8 Airvan


CAP Cessna C-172 Skyhawk

Kentucky uses this aircraft type.


CAP Glider L-23 Super Blanik

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