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Kentucky Wing Winter SAREX 2013

Members of the KY214 Squadron played a major role in the success of this year's Kentucky Wing Winter SAREX. A number of pilots, crewmembers and mission base staff received some good on the job training and hopefully a lot of sign offs on their SQTRs. The squadron also worked in conjunction with other area squadrons to make this event as realistic as possible. 27 aerial sorties were flown by Kentucky Wing aircraft for a total of 41.8 flight hours. Eight (8) of those sorties were flown by the KY214 Squadron. A total of 13.0 hours of flight time was attributed to our squadron or 31% of the total hours flown. Flights took place on December 26, 27 and 28. Thanks to all who participated in this event. Exercises like this give us a great opportunity to train for when we are needed for the real thing. Here are some photographs from the SAREX.

Wallace Wittkoff preflight N815CP on a cold December 26th morning. N884CP plugged in and all heated up, ready to go! Checking the fuel. Wallace Wittkoff in his foul weather gear. The airport is ALWAYS the coldest place in town. Preflight stuff. (L-R) Hal Frary, Frank Coomes and Marc Feld. Marc is such a ham. Chris Nester was there. Head down with his smart phone. N884CP reflected in the mirrored glass at the FBO in Bardstown. Capt. Marc Feld and N884CP. Frank Coomes and Marc Feld on the ramp at Bardstown. Major Greg Bell (MP) and Capt. Feld at Bardstown. N815CP taxiing out at Bowman Field. Capt. Larry Austin is the pilot. Another shot of N815CP on the ramp heading for taxiway H.

The following photographs were provided by SM Hal Frary.

Scanner's view of the countryside. Capt. Larry Austin and Cadet Lindsey Zaremba. Smiles all around. Larry showing Cadet Zaremba how to preflight an aircraft. The preflight continues. Capt. Larry Austin flying as Mission Pilot, Lt. Gerald Kelley as Mission Observer. SM Hal Frary was the Mission Scanner and photog. Major Larry Herzog (L) and Mike Wiemer (with black laptop) served as IC for the SAREX. Col. Stan Mullen, Capt. Larry Austin and SM Hal Frary in front of a CAP aircraft on the ramp at Louisville Bowman Field. Taylorsville Lake Dam was one of the photo targets in the practice scenarios. Visibility 20 miles plus. Winding creek below. Louisville mission base at Louisville Executive Aviation. Tablet view of the CAP aircrew with CAP SAR grids overlaid. Pretty cool!

To see some video coverage of the KY214's participation in the SAREX, visit our Facebook Page.

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