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KY214 Loses Don Perkins who passed away on Friday, 19-Nov-10

Don after a mission standing next to one of the Kentucky Wing aircraft. We will miss you old friend!1LT Don Perkins, a member of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron passed away Friday evening, November 19, 2010. Don 82, who after a gallant struggle, lost his three-year battle with cancer. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at Autumn Woods Health Campus in New Albany.

Don lived a long and fruitful life. He served in the United States Navy and the AirOld logo for Parks Air College Force and was a World War II veteran. He went on to obtain an aeronautical engineering degree from Parks College of St. Louis University and then worked for Westinghouse Aerospace. He later cofounded Amatrol Inc. with his wife Roberta and built it from a startup business into a manufacturer of technology education systems that are sold world-wide. His children joined him in building and operating a family business that was just named the 2010 Indiana State Chamber of Commerce's "Small Business of the Year." He was preceded in death by his wife, Roberta "Bobbie" Perkins.

Survivors include his three children, Paul Perkins (Kimberly), of Sellersburg, IN, Todd Perkins (Michelle), of Georgetown, IN and Suzanne Allen (Aaron), of Georgetown; six grandchildren, Maria Perkins, Katie Perkins, Jacob Perkins, Megan Perkins, Amelia Allen and Kathleen Allen; and a half brother, James Campbell.

Through his genealogical interests and ancestry, Don was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (past president), First Families of Kentucky (founding member), First Families of Tennessee, War of 1812 Society, Fort Boonsboro Society and the Magna Carta Society.

Don was also a member of the U of L Speed School Engineering Advisory Board, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and other professional organizations.

Don was previously a member of the Civil Air Patrol decades before renewing his interest and membership by joining the Bowman Field Senior Squadron in January 2006. He served as the squadron's Administrative Officer and most recently as the squadron's Aerospace Officer. He also served on the hangar and building committees and did quite a bit of work in trying to secure permanent quarters and a hangar for the squadron. Below are some pictures from Don's time with the squadron.

Don is promoted to 1st Lt. on 05-Sep-06. He receives congratulations from then Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Stan Mullen. Don participated in the Winter 2006 SAREX between Christmas and New Years. He is flanked by aircrew members Shawn Herron (L) and Ken Ulrich (R). Don and his wife Roberta (Bobbie) celebrating at the 2006 Squadron Christmas party held at Bravos. Bobbie passed away on March 7, 2009.
Don and Wallace Hardin (L) participated in the New Madrid Fault preparedness mission 07-T-3967 on 27-Feb-07. Don and Wallace debrief after their flight on 27-Feb-07. Major Larry Herzog was who the IC conducted the debriefing. Don talking on a CAP radio. He was taking the ACUT/BCUT class back in 2007.
Don with ROA classmates Marc Feld, Ted Critchfield, Wallace Hardin, Keith Noe and Joe Bryant. Don participated in the Great Lakes Region multi-wing exercise 07-T-3966. To his left are Wallace Hardin and Larry Herzog. Another picture from Great Lakes Region multi-wing exercise 07-T-3966. From left to right; Larry Herzog, Wallace Hardin, Don and Joe Bryant.
Don speaking on behalf of the squadron at the July 2008 meeting with the Regional Airport Authority in our effort to secure space for the squadron in the 100th Division Building after the reserves move to Ft. Knox. Don worked many hours towards this project. Don attended the training on the TDFM-136 Technisonic Radio on 20-Apr-10. This was one of the last meetings attended by Don. Don watches intently as instructor Chris Nester explains the features and use of the FM radio set.

Don was in the U.S. Navy. Click on his photo to see some family photographs.

 UPDATE!  I recently received some family photographs of Don and have posted them on another page. To see them, click on the image of Don at right.

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