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KY214 Member Participates in Army Water Survival Course

Photos and video courtesy of Hal Frary


Lt. Hal Frary, KY214 Squadron member and water survivor!Recently, KY214 member, Lt. Hal Frary, attended a Water Survival Training course conducted at Fort Campbell, Kentucky on June 17th-18th. This was made possible by the efforts of KY216th Squadron Commander, Lt. Col. Wilson Polidura. The course is designed around surviving a helicopter crash in water but lends itself to fixed wing emergency water landings as well. According to Hal, " The course was very informative and well planned. The mornings of each of the two days consisted of classroom instruction which was followed by in the pool instruction and opportunity to apply and practice your new knowledge. We learned:

- Hazards and emergencies associated with aircraft in over-water situations

- Physics and physiology for use. Of compressed air

- Safety and survival equipment utilization and deployment

- Introduction to hypothermia mitigation and sea survival

- Coping with physiological and psychological stress

- Personal rescue techniques and use of life rafts and signaling devices

- Characteristics of personal floatation devices and aviation jackets

- Introduction to SAR resources and equipment

- Introduction of rescue devices and simulated rescues

- Preparation for emergency landing and ditching situations

- Dry/wet evacuation through an emergency exit from a ditched aircraft on water

Bottom-line: this was an outstanding course and an exceptional opportunity. Opened my eyes toward water survival techniques in a true to life environment. It's not for the faint of heart unless you're willing to tackle your fears. Highly recommend for all aircrew members.


I was not able to take pictures the second day of training due to the intensity, plus they had the "environmentals" turned on: wave ball generated 2+ foot waves, the 4-fans (two horizontal, two vertical) generated 50-knot winds, the sound system generated rotor, bomb blasts, machine guns noises, and the strobe lights simulated ordinance exploding. A ton of chaos and natural forces to deal with. Plus the fatigue of fighting the weather all the time."


Sounds like Hal has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged all the other KY214 members to step up! When is the next class?! To see some photographs of what went on during the course, click the button below.


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