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Major George Lasley, KY214 Safety Officer Passes Away 18-Jan-11

Major George Lasley, a member of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron passed away Tuesday, January 18, 2011. George was the squadron's safety officer who provided our safety briefings each month. George had been a member of the squadron for a little over two years. He had planned on becoming a mission pilot but he lost his FAA medical and could no longer pilot aircraft. Despite this, he was a vital member of the squadron staff and one prince of a guy! Several squadron members attended his memorial service held at Southeast Christian Church. I visited George at the hospital on January 14th and we talked for quite awhile about his time in the U.S. Air Force and he seemed in very good spirits and really seemed like he was at peace with the world. Here is the obit that George wrote and some images I have of him from squadron functions. Happy Landings George!

LASLEY, GEORGE ARTHUR, 81, passed away Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at Norton Brownsboro Hospital surrounded by family and friends.

Born in Kansas City, KS, George was the second of five children of George and Beulah Lasley. His mother had polio early in life and walked with crutches and braces her entire life. His father had three years of formal education and worked two jobs to support his family. Together, they raised their children in a God-loving home never asking for or receiving assistance from any source other than their Savior, Jesus Christ.

George learned from his parents persistence in what you need or want to accomplish and to love the Lord. Due to an economic depression, George got his first job to assist the family at age 12. During his teen years, George worked on a wheat and cattle farm during the summers until he graduated from high school and then full time until he was 21 years old. In addition to farming, he learned carpentry, plumbing, welding, basic electricity, and became a pilot at the age of 16.

When George turned 21, the Korean war was accelerating and he joined the United States Air Force (USAF) as an enlisted man. He subsequently became a gunner on B-29 and then B-36 aircraft. During his second year, he was accepted to enter the aviation cadet program where he graduated a year later as a pilot with a Commission in the USAF. George married shortly after graduation and had three children, Deidre (Dee), George Arthur, Jr. (Jerry), and Terry.

During his 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, George flew several fighter aircraft, one bomber, taught students to fly and flew 150 combat missions in Vietnam. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 16 air medals along with other awards associated with his career.*

After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, George was employed by Red Lobster as a Regional Director with 35 restaurants under his supervision.

After the passing of his first wife, George moved to Louisville to open a restaurant for a group of investors. It was during this time that he met Karen Saling who he married in 1979. They have one child, Megan.

George's final career was as a property manager. During this time he collaborated on a book about best practices in condominium association management and assisted with passing a state law regarding maintaining association properties.

During his retirement, George volunteered for the Civil Air Patrol, SCORE, and at Southeast Christian Church where he is a member.

In his writing of this obituary, George asked that you not mourn the departure of his worldly body, but lift your eyes to the Heavens and focus not on the past but to follow Jesus.

* Here is a list of some of the aircraft George flew while in the USAF. A-37, B-25, B-47, C-47, C-119, F-4, F-86, F-89, F-94, F-104, KC-135, T-6, T-28, T-33, T-37,T-38.

George in foreground sitting next to Don Perkins at a squadron meeting in April of 2010. George and Don are now united in the Heaven Squadron. George, center of photo is flanked by Larry Austin (L) and Keith Noe (R) during a meeting with Regional Airport Authority about our squadron getting space in the 100th Division Army Building once they transition to Ft. Knox. George and wife Karen at Limestone's, home of the 2009 squadron Christmas party.

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