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Lt. Jerri Scott Sent These Photos She Took for the 2005 Squadron Christmas Party

Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Nichols (Jerri Scott's dad) enjoy the convivialities at the party. Looks like we are all joining hands. A happy couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Noe. The Dr. Thomas Clark family. Chase and Judy Donaldson.  Looks like everyone is having fun. The Wallace Wittkoff's were in attendance. A couple of couples.  (L-R)  Wallace Hardin and his girlfriend Robbie Murphy along with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Klotz. Say Cheese!!! Capt. Marc Feld and his date appear to be having fun.  Sorry, I don't know her name Marc. You look snazzy though dude! Shawn Herron was stag at the party.  In the center, Larry Herzog smiles at Kevin "Skippy" Greenwood (standing). Jerri takes a photo of Greg Bell taking a photo of her taking photos.  She caught him mid-red eye! (center) Dottie and Larry Austin. Kenny Ulrich is shaking hands in the background.  Mr. and Mrs. John Casper are in the left front of the photo. Well let me tell you about the time I .......... Stan Mullen is trying to figure out who the guy with the tie is talking to Ken Ulrich.  Behind Stan are the Roy Burns', Matt Creed and his escort, and the Ulrichs. Mrs. Austin talks to Mrs. John Casper. The conversation was lively all night.  Does Wayne appear semi-Amish or is it me.  LOL Tom Schmitt makes his point as Shawn Herron starts to nod off.  Chris Nester and his wife are behind Shawn's ponytail.  

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