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KY-214 O-Pilots Do Some Flying


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 cadet Orientation Rides (O-Rides) were conducted at Bowman Field for the cadets from the KY-123 Squadron. The event was organized by Lt. Sharon Howarth and Lt. Col. Bill Hayes. Squadron Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Greg Bell flew five flights that day for a total of 4.5 hours. Another pilot, Shaun Collins, from Ft. Campbell, also flew 3 sorties for 3.9 hours. Nine cadets were given front seat rides and all appeared to have a great time! Pizza was served for lunch and despite the cold weather, it all worked out great. Take a look!


Squadron Parking Area Upgraded!


Recently the Louisville Airport Authority repaved and refurbished the ramp area at Bowman Field utilized by our squadron's aircrafts. This included new pavement, tie downs, markings and fencing. The tie downs look like they would hold in a tornado. The fence looked like it would be flimsy but after closer inspection, it is very solid. This made for some very happy airmen at the KY-214 Squadron and our airplanes appreciate it too! Twenty years but worth the wait.... To see more photos of the refurbished ramp area, click on the photo at left.




KY-214 Members Participate in the 2017 Kentucky Wing Conference


The 2017 Kentucky Wing Conference was held on October 6-8, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY. These photographs are from the Saturday session. There were a number of speakers and topics and there were also awards and promotions. Squadron members both conducted and attended workshops at the conference. To see more photos of the conference, click on the photo at left.





CAP Reaches a Milestone Again!

For the second straight year, Civil Air Patrol has amassed 100,000 flying hours for its 560-plane fleet, which is recognized as one of the largest assemblages of single-engine aircraft in the world. John Desmarais, CAPís director of operations, said the milestone was met during a flight Thursday morning in Puerto Rico, in which a CAP aircrew was taking photographs of damage by Hurricane Maria throughout the island. ďI really didnít think we were going to make it to 100,000 flying hours a month ago,Ē said Desmarais, who had set the lofty goal for the 2017 fiscal year, which ends Saturday. To find out more about this, click on the photo at left.

Hurricane Harvey Participants Give After Action Review to Squadron

Despite a small turnout at the September 17, 2017 squadron meeting, Lt. Col Greg Bell, Lt. Michelle Nordman and Lt. Bill Rason discussed the Hurricane Harvey Mission they participated in, To date, this is  one of the largest CAP DR missions ever flown. (Photos courtesy of Major Hal Frary)

Bowman Field Senior Squadron Undertakes Ops Quals Training in June

The squadron has undertaken Operations Qualifications training on two Saturdays in June. This training was an effort to get as many people as possible qualified to participate in CAP training and actual missions. The first session was held on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The second session was held the following Saturday, June 24th and lasted all day. To see more of what went on at the Ops Quals training sessions, click on the photo at left.



KY-214 Members Prepare for SAREVAL (Updated)

In preparation for this year's USAF Search and Rescue Evaluation (SAREVAL), the squadron participated in a SAR training exercise the weekend of June 2-3, 2017, airmen from the Bowman Field Senior Squadron performed a variety of functions flying as aircrew and participating as mission base staffers. To see more of what went on, click on the photo at left.



Squadron Aircraft Gets Virb Mount

Thanks to Colonel Bill Hayes, our squadron now has one Cessna C-182T Skylane equipped with the new Virb mount on the right wing. Bill took the airplane and waited around while the shop performed the installation. We are now ready to prosecute any Virb missions were are called upon to perform. (Mount photo courtesy of Col. Hayes. Virb mounted on wing courtesy of Capt. Phil Danhauer)




Squadron Hosts Operation Iceberg 2017

The weekend of February 3-6, 2017, airmen from the Bowman Field Senior Squadron and the Kentucky Wing CAP participated in a joint Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) with the Indiana Wing CAP. The exercise involved all aspects of the SAR mission. Seniors and cadets participated in aerial and ground based SAR training. The Jefferson County Search Dog Association also participated in this event. To see more of what went on, click on the photo.




Squadron Learns About the Future of UASs


At our squadron meeting held on 17-Jan-17, KY-214 member, David Rummler put on a presentation from a conference he attended in Washington D.C. on how the U.S. Air Force and Civil Air Patrol will be using Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS and UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the future. A BIG crowd turned out for the presentation and we had several visitors from other local SAR organizations in attendance. Here are some pics from the meeting.



KY214 Conducts a Table Top SAR Exercise Over Holiday


Here are some photos from the tabletop SAREX held on December 31, 2016 at our squadron's headquarters. A lot of good training took place for those who were able to attend. Bad weather prevented actual flight training activities.


Photos courtesy of Lt. Bill Jenkins.



What Would You Do?  Squadron Learns About AEDs


At the December 6, 2016 squadron meeting, Dr. Jim Bosler gave a presentation about his experience with an airline passenger who needed his assistance and the assistance of an (Automated External Defibrillator) or AED. It was very interesting. To see more of what went on, click on the defibulator at left.






The Squadron is Going to the Dogs


On Tuesday, September 13,2016, two sorties flown for the Jefferson County Search Dog Association (JCSDA). The Yellow Lab is Ranger. He flew from Louisville to Frankfort. The Border Collie is named Bart. He flew from Frankfort to Louisville. The ladies in photo were handlers who flew on both sorties two at a time. Lt. Col. Bob Sobotka was the mission pilot and supplied the photos. Hope they were housebroken!


CAP Reaches a Milestone!



Squadron Member Teach and Train at the Mountain Flying Clinic


On Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 August, 2016, members of the Kentucky Wing CAP held a mountain flying clinic at the Kentucky National Guard base in London, Kentucky. There was a ground school and then the students were introduced to actual mountain flying techniques at airports in Hazard, Harlan and Middlesboro. Each of these airports were selected for their challenging mountain conditions. A lot of good training went on at this event. Here are some pics showing a bit of what went on.



Also, a BIG thank you to the Kentucky Army National Guard for letting us utilize their awesome facilities.



Squadron Member Flies Cadets at LOU

Squadron member, Lt. Darrell Lyvers conducted O-Rides on Sunday August 21, 2016. Here are some pics from the activity. To see more of what went on, visit our squadron Facebook page. Good job Darrell!


Squadron Participates in Group III SAREX


Here are some photographs from the Group III SAREX that was conducted at the headquarters of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron (KY-214) at the Bowman Field Readiness Center and at Bowman Field Airport. The weather played havoc throughout the two day event (July 30-31st). When it wasn't foggy or storming, airmen were training on the ground and in the air for the various jobs performed by Civil Air Patrol.




More O-Rides!


Squadron mission pilot, LTC Bill Hayes, flew cadet orientation rides (O-rides) on Sunday, April 17, 2016 . Here are a couple of pics courtesy of Col. Hayes.







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