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Here are some links to other web pages that may be of interest to you....

CAP & Military


Civil Air Patrol Civil Air Patrol's corporate website for members and non-members.

CAP News Website. News about CAP missions, activities etc.

CAP National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) site.
Kentucky Wing Headquarters Civil Air Patrol The new and improved Kentucky Wing www site.

Follow the KY214 Squadron on Facebook.

Kentucky Wing's KY-214 Site. (Under construction)

United States Air Force The USAF is CAP's parent organization.

Air Combat Command CAP's new home with the USAF.

1st Air Force/AF North web page.

United States Air Force ROTC site.

United States Navy The Navy has a very good web site and lots of good aircraft photos!

United States Marine Corps These guys are doing more than their share of the work in Iraq.  Go to the site and see what they are up to.

United States Army The official link of the United States Army. Another good site but not very good photographs.

United States Coast Guard The official link of the United States Coast Guard.
Great Lakes Region Civil Air Patrol Kentucky Wing is a member of the Great Lakes Region of CAP.


Federal Agencies/Training/Weather


Department of Homeland Security is a very important site these days.  Supposedly we will be working with them at some point.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) We fly missions for this agency and they also have training used by the Civil Air Patrol.

Emergency Management Institute is the place where you can find the NIIMS courses necessary to complete several of the new CAP SQTRs for mission base staff.

NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System Forms  So you busted Class  Bravo Airspace or some other infraction of the FARs.

United States Air Force's Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning Take an on-line course through the AFIADL.
National Weather Service (Louisville) Be sure to check the Wx before you take off. Good site with lots of info. METARs and TAFs.

SkyVector A great site for flight planning and weather.

1 800 Wx Brief Flight Service site for flight planning and weather.


CAP Training/Information/Uniforms/Assorted


CAP e-Services Site CAP Members-only site for personnel changes etc.

KY214 Training Site for New Members (Keith Noe's)

CAP Learning Management System page. Requires logging in to eServices.

CAP SQTR page list all available positions

OPSEC test and training link. Required of all CAP members.

CAP Pilot Information and Training site on the NHQ website.

NESA Mission Aircrew School Curriculum.

CAP member G-1000 website. Very good!!!! For both pilot and observer.

CAP member G-1000 training site. VERY GOOD!!!! Courtesy Art Sill, GA112.

YouTube video of how to load up a flight plan in the G-1000.

Link to the NAT audio panel user manual. This panel is used in N815CP.

UPS-AT GX60 Quick Reference Card. Handy!

UPS-AT 60 Users Guide in PDF format.

GX 60 Simulator available from Garmin.

GX 60 Simulator download and setup instructions on YouTube.

Becker DF 517 usage video from YouTube.

Becker DF User's Guide on CAP HQ website.

RoboGeo video on usage from YouTube.

Technisonic TDFM 136 radio basic functions video on YouTube.

Using FM radios in CAP Aircraft video on YouTube.

ICUT training video on YouTube.

CAP Grid System Everything you wanted to know about Civil Air Patrol search grids.

CAP Grid System YouTube video explaining the system.

Purchase pre-gridded CAP sectional charts in kneeboard format at CAPCharts.com.

Web page devoted to showing you how to use the CAP grid systems and other ES related stuff.

Vanguard is now the place to purchase all things CAP. 

This website has a very easy to use graphical ribbon checker that is very helpful in ensuring you have the proper placement of your ribbons on your uniform.

Ultra Thin will build your ribbon rack for you for a few $s. Works great!


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