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Squadron Participates in Search for Missing Pilot/Aircraft

On Wednesday, June 1st, Airmen from the Kentucky Wing, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in a coordinated effort with state and local agencies found the missing aircraft. There were no survivors. According to reports, a Kentucky Army National Guard helicopter spotted scorch marks northwest of the airfield on Tickridge Road near Fordsville. A CAP ground team was dispatched to the target area to confirm the sighting and to locate the aircraft at around 3:30 PM local time. The aircraft was found in a very inhospitable area only reachable on foot. CAP Ground Team Bravo was responsible for hiking in and confirming the find. CAP resources stood down at that time and the accident scene was turned over to the state and local police and local authorities. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will then take over the investigation of the incident.

In summary, five (5) CAP aircraft/aircrews flew over 20 hours searching for the missing aircraft over a two day period. Several ground teams participated in the search both days as well. Forty eight (48) CAP Airmen participated in the mission either as search or mission support/headquarters personnel. Kentucky Wing Commander, Col. David Kantor would like to thank everyone for their maximum effort during this Search and Rescue (SAR) mission.

One of the aircrews who participated. L-R LTC Bill Hayes, LT Frank Coomes, LTC Greg Bell.


View of the search area from the pilot's perspective. The search area was rolling and heavily wooded. Hampering the search were the lack of an ELT, no flight plan and the aircraft color of olive drab.


This photo of the missing aircraft was widely circulated by the news media. It is a 2012 Aero Criquet Bogota. It is a replica of the WWII German Feisler Storch observation plane.


News map of the search area showing it's relationship to the Louisville viewing area.  


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