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This Page Contains Older Promotions (Archives)


More Members Complete Level 1


At the September 5, 2017 squadron meeting, Squadron Commander, Major Hall Frary presented Level One completion certificates to squadron members, Jeff Ray (left) and Michael DeMarco (right).



KY-214 Members Complete Level 1


Two members were presented with certificates for the successful completion of Level 1 in their CAP training journey at Bowman Field Readiness Center on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Senior Member, Caitlin Sullivan received congratulations from Deputy Commander, LTC Keith Noe on completing her Level 1. Major Hal Frary, squadron CO then gave Caitlin a handshake and a squadron patch for completing Level 1. Senior member, Wendy Keenan, also was presented with her Level 1 completion certificate from Col. Noe. Major Frary congratulated Wendy and Hal gave her her squadron patch. Congratulations!



Lt. Col Keith Noe is CAP's Safety Officer of the Year


Lt. Col. Keith Noe has been recognized as National Safety Officer of the Year for 2016 in CAP! Congratulations Keith! Col. Noe is also Deputy Commander of the KY-214 Squadron. This photograph shows Col. Noe receiving the award for Safety Officer of the Year for the Great Lakes Region from region commander, Col. Edward Phelka. Congratulations Keith!






Another Member Complete Level 1


On June 16, 2017 at our normal 3rd Tuesday squadron meeting, Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Keith Noe presented a Level One completion certificate to Alice Neafus. Congratulations!



KY-214 Members Complete Level 1


At the May 16, 2017 squadron meeting, Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Keith Noe presented Level One completion certificates to squadron members David Rummler (left) and Herve Drompt (right) Congratulations guys!



Squadron Logistics Officer Promoted to Captain


At the April 18, 2017 squadron meeting, new minted Captain, Phil Danhauer was recognized for his promotion. Congrats Captain Danhauer!









Squadron Members Graduate From Unit Commander's Course


Several members of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron attended the Unit Commanders Course this past weekend (January 8-9th, 2017) at wing headquarters in Frankfort. Here are some photos of our graduates courtesy of Bill Jenkins. L-R Wing Commander, Col. David Kantor presents certificates to Bill Jenkins, Daryl Lyvers and Peter Miller. Hal Frary also attended but no photo is available.



Bob Sobotka Promoted to Lt. Colonel

At 16-Aug-2016 squadron meeting, Kentucky Wing Director of Operations, Major Bob Sobotka was promoted to the Lt. Colonel by Kentucky Wing Commander, Col. David Kantor. Here are some pics from the ceremony. KY-214 is Bob's "home squadron" since he is part of the wing staff. Congratulations Colonel!



KY-214 Members Complete Level 1



At the September 6, 2016 squadron meeting, SM Steve Jenkins was recognized for completing level 1 of his CAP training. Presenting him his ribbon and certificate is Lt. Col. Keith Noe who is the deputy commander of the squadron. Congrats Steve!



At Tuesday night's squadron meeting (02Aug-16), Major Hal Frary (L) and Lt. Col. Keith Noe presented SM James Bosler with his Level 1 completion certificate. Congrats Jim! You are on your way....


Member Completes Level 1


At the 19-Jul-16 squadron meeting, squadron commander, Major Hal Frary and deputy commander, Lt. Col. Keith Noe presented SM Brandi Fabel with a certificate for completing Level 1 in CAP. Congratulations Brandi, you are on your way!


Members Who Complete Levels 1 and 2 are Recognized


At the regular July 5, 2016 meeting, the squadron had several awards to hand out. Making the presentations are LTC Keith Noe and MAJ Hal Frary. Congratulations people!


From left to right; Hope Campbell receives her Level 1 Certificate and ribbon, John Wallace receives his Level 1 Certificate and ribbon and Zach Watts receives his Level 1 Certificate and ribbon.



Lt. Bill Jenkins receives his Benjamin Davis Award and ribbon for completing Level 2 from squadron commander, Major Hal Frary.



Awards Handed Out at Squadron Meeting


KY214 Commander, Major Hal Frary, passed out several awards from former Kentucky Wing Commander, Col. James Huggins at last nights squadron meeting. The plaques are in appreciation for service to Kentucky Wing CAP.  The last two sets of photos are Commander's Commendations given to Major Frary and Lt. Col. Bell. Here are some photos showing who received what.



Awards and Promotions Not Distributed at Awards Banquet


Bob Sobotka handed out ribbons and promotions to those who did not attend the awards banquet. Here are some photos showing the recipients and Bob. This took place at the regular squadron meeting held on April 2, 2016.



Adam McHone Promoted to 1st Lieutenant


Please join me in congratulating Adam McHone on his promotion to 1st Lieutenant!!! Adam joined Civil Air Patrol in October 2002 as a cadet and was part of the KY-039 squadron (Prospect) originally, then he transferred to KY-123 (KY ANG at Louisville International Airport) for awhile. Were glad hes made his way to KY-214 as he brings valuable insights from his experiences as a cadet. Since being with us, hes qualified in several aircrew and mission base staff positions as well as supporting our safety program in the capacity of assistant safety officer.

Major Hal Frary, KY-214 Squadron Commander










Greg Bell Promoted to Lt. Colonel at 2015 Kentucky Wing Conference

At this year's Kentucky Wing Conference, squadron member and Kentucky Wing Chief of Staff, Major Greg Bell, was promoted to Lt. Colonel by Great Lakes Region Commander, Colonel Edward Phelka and Kentucky Wing Commander, Colonel James Huggins.  The conference was held at St. Francis of the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, September 19th.  Col. Bell has been serving with the Civil Air Patrol/USAF Auxiliary for 17 years.  Here are some photos from the promotion ceremony.


Keith Noe Promoted to Lt. Colonel at 2014 Kentucky Wing Conference

Kentucky Wing Commander, Colonel Jim Huggins and Great Lakes Region Commander, Colonel Robert Karton, promoted Major Keith Noe (KY214) to Lt. Colonel at the Kentucky Wing Conference held on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at the Capital City Christian Church. Here are some photos from the promotion ceremony. Fellow squadron members were invited to gather around the proceedings. Congratulations Colonel Noe!

Larry Herzog Promoted to Lt. Colonel


At the June 17th, 2014 squadron meeting, a long overdue event occurred. Kentucky Wing Commander, Colonel James Huggins stopped by to award Major Larry Herzog the silver oak leaves of a CAP Lt. Colonel. The promotion left newly minted Col. Herzog speechless which we all know is a rare occurrence. After congratulations, Col. Huggins outlined some of the new and important missions that Kentucky Wing CAP will be undertaking in the coming months and reaffirmed the need for both pilots and non-pilots alike for our mission to succeed. Congratulations Colonel Herzog!

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