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KY214 Squadron Pizza Party

Members of the KY214 Squadron had a pizza party on Tuesday, January 28th. This party had been delayed twice by inclement weather but everyone persevered and we all had a great time! Fourteen people turned out for the party along with two visitors. There was a great deal of variety in the pizzas served and there were plenty of soft drinks to wash it down with. After everyone had settled down with their food and drink, Squadron CO, Rick Billingsley gave a brief "year in review" speech which outlined some of the accomplishments of the squadron and some of the goals for the coming year. After the regular meeting, the Training Committee met to put together a strategy for making sure we have a means setup to pipeline members into the training they need to receive to get qualified in whatever specialty they are currently working toward and to make sure that those of us who are qualified, stay proficient.

If you missed it, you missed out. Anyway, here are some photographs of what went on and who was there.

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