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Former KY-214 Squadron CO Receives Commanders Commendation

On Tuesday night, November 20, 2108, Kentucky Wing Commander, Col. Darrell Williamson presented outgoing squadron commander, Major Hal Frary with a Commander's Commendation for Duty Performance. Hal did a great job as squadron CO and plans on staying with the squadron and helping incoming squadron commander, Lt. Bob Langley any way he can. Congratulations Hal!

Squadron Awards Handed Out on Change of Command Night

At the change of command meeting, held on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, the following awards were presented to squadron members by Group III Commander, Major Mike Weimer. (L-R) Lt. Col. Bill Hayes is congratulated for completing his Level II in professional development. Col. Hayes received the Benjamin O. Davis Award from Major Weimer. 1st Lt. Bob Langley completed his Level III in the CAP professional development program. Major Weimer presents Bob with the Grover Loening Award. Lt. Langley also received an achievement award from the group commander. Congratulations gentlemen!

Squadron Member Completes Level II


At the October 2, 210 squadron meeting, Major James W. Bosler III was awarded the Benjamin O. Davis award for completing Level II in his professional development. Congratulations Dr. Bosler! Lt. Col. Keith Noe presented the award to Major Bosler.





Kentucky Wing Deputy Commander Presents Several Awards


At the July 3, 2018 squadron meeting, Kentucky Wing Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Bob Sobotka stopped by to present several awards to members of the KY-214 squadron and others. Here are some pics from the meeting and awards ceremony. To see the awards given, click on the photo at left.






Member Completes Level II


At Tuesday night's meeting (20-Mar-18) we had about 12 members brave the snow storm. We had a good meeting and there was also an award given. 1st Lt. Bob Langley completed Level II and was awarded the Benjamin O. Davis Award. Congratulations Bob!!! Here are some pics.



New Squadron Member Complete Level I


On Tuesday night, February 20, 2018, KY-214 Squadron Commander, Major Hal Frary shakes hands and presents the Level 1 completion certificate and a squadron patch to Senior Member Ken Hoke at the 20-Feb-18 squadron meeting. Congratulations Airman Hoke! You are on your way!,






Members Complete Level II and Level III


On Tuesday night, February 6, 2018, Lt. Col. Keith Noe presents Capt. Peter Miller with the Benjamin O. Davis Award for completing Level II in his professional development courses.



Phil Danhauer received the Grover Loening Award certificate for completing Level III in his professional development track. Good job Captain Danhauer!



Squadron Member Retires from Air Guard


Congratulations to MSgt Paul Lee (L) on his retirement yesterday from the Air National Guard. Paul has a combined 22 years of service from the US Marine Corps and the Air National Guard serving as a Security Forces member, First Sergeant and Health Services Systems Manager. Congratulations to this well deserving unit member! Also pictured is Tech Sgt Brian Simpson.





Major Promotion


On Tuesday night, January 2, 2018, the squadron celebrated the promotion of Dr. Jim Bosler (left) from Captain to Major. Presenting his promotion is squadron deputy commander, Lt. Col. Keith Noe. Congratulations Doc! (Major Bosler)



Squadron Logistics Officer Completes CLC


Squadron logistics officer, Capt. Phil Danhauer completed the Corporate Learning Course (CLC) at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois the weekend of November 11-12, 2017. Congrats Phil! Capt. Danhauer is now eligible for the Grover C. Loening Award signifying that he has completed Level III training. (Photos courtesy of Capt. Danhauer)




Squadron Members Awarded Commander's Commendations











Aircrew members of KY-214 who participated in Solar Eclipse Operation (along with others from the wing) were recognized at the 2017 KY Wing Conference and were awarded Commander's Commendations by the wing commander, Col. Darrel Williamson. They are as follows: (L-R)


- Lt. Col. Greg Bell receives congratulations from Kentucky Wing Commander, Colonel Darrel Williamson.

- Lt. Col. Greg Bell receives congratulations from Kentucky Wing Commander, Colonel Darrel Williamson.

- Col. Darrel Williamson presents Lt. Col. Bill Hayes with his Commander's Commendation.

- Col. Williamson gives Lt. Bill Rason a hardy handshake while presenting him with his Commander's Commendation award.

(Photos from KY Wing FB Page)



Lt. Col Keith Noe is CAP's Safety Officer of the Year (Updated)


Lt. Col. Keith Noe received the National Safety Officer of the Year award from Gen. Vasquez at this year's National Conference in San Antonio. Col. Noe is Deputy Commander of the KY-214 Squadron in Louisville. Congratulations Col. Noe!!!




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