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Recent Missions Flown by the KY214 Squadron

KY-214 Aircrew Finds Missing Aircraft/Pilot


A Northern Kentucky pilot has died in a plane crash, emergency officials confirmed Friday afternoon, July 20, 2018. The pilot was last seen around 5 p.m. Thursday, officials said. The pilot took off from his personal airstrip, along Jericho Road in Gallatin County, officials said, and then suddenly disappeared. He was reported missing Thursday night by his wife, who said he was last seen flying a small, red-and-cream plane with tail number N228LC. After an intensive search, the KY-214 aircrew found the wreckage of the plane in a cornfield in Florence, Indiana, along Indiana state Route 156. Here is a link to the news coverage of this tragic event. https://www.wlwt.com/article/missing-nky-pilot-found-dead-in-plane-wreckage/22496472

KY-214 airmen involved in the search mission were: Lt. Col. Bill Hayes/mission pilot, Capt. Peter Miller/mission observer, and Lt. Bill Rason/mission scanner.



BFSS Airmen Participate in Hurricane Harvey DR Mission in Texas


A Kentucky Wing aircrew headed to San Marcos, Texas to assist with the DR mission after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Participants were Lt. Bill Rason, Lt. Michelle Michelle Wallace Nordman and Lt. Col. Greg Bell. The missions they undertook were aerial photography missions capturing the damage caused by the hurricane and the subsequent flooding from the heavy rains afterward. Lt. Nordman was from the KY-039 Squadron while Lt. Col. Bell and Lt. Rason are from the KY-214 Squadron. To see more photos, click the photo at left.


Here are some numbers from the Hurricane Harvey Mission as of 19-Sep-17.

720 Sorties flown to date
1779.1 hours flown
863 people have served
35 states, 5 regions and NHQ staff participated
Kentucky Wing had 15 volunteers serve
KY-214 aircrew flew 8 sorties for a total of 28.6 hours

The 35 States that participated: AK, AL, AR, CO, CT, Wash DC, GA, HI, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, ND, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, WY

5 Regions that participated: GLR, MER, PCR, RMR, SWR & NHQ


KY-214 Airmen Fly The Solar Eclipse Mission


Airmen from the Bowman Field Senior Squadron, KY-214 took part in the solar eclipse mission representing the Kentucky Wing CAP. Lt. Col Greg Bell, Lt. Col. Bill Hayes and 1Lt. Bill Rason participated in the mission. The aircrew were tasked with traffic survey and aerial photography missions. The mission lasted from Friday, August 18, through Monday night, August 21, 2017. The aircrews were based as Greenville (Muhlenberg County) M21 while the mission staff was located in Hopkinsville. Col. Bell flew 6 sorties for a total of 10.7 hours and Col. Hayes also flew 6 sorties, totaling 10.6 hours. To see  some photos from the mission, click on the photo at left.


Squadron Members Participate in Flooding Missions


Kentucky Wing CAP was tasked to fly aerial photography (AP) flooding missions along the Mississippi River in early May. To date, Kentucky Wing aircrews have flown five (5) sorties for a total of 7.8 hours. Lt. Bill Rason and Capt. Phil Danhauer of the KY-214 participated as aircrew members on these flights. Bill as mission observer and Phil as the aerial photographer. Good job guys! Way to step up.  (stock photo)




Squadron Flies Over Tornado Damage in South Central Kentucky


On Friday, April 7, 2017 two aircrews from the Kentucky Wing (Both from the KY-214 Squadron) flew damage assessment missions over parts of South Central Kentucky that had experienced tornado damage. These flights were undertaken at the request of emergency management officials on Saturday, April 7. One flight was an aerial photography (AP) flight recording images of damaged structures and the other involved flying EM personnel to visually assess the damage inflicted by the recent tornados. Four sorties were flown for a total of 6.4 hours. Squadron members who participated in this mission were:


Lt. Col. Greg Bell, Mission Pilot

Lt. Col. Bill Hayes, Mission Pilot

1 Lt. Bill Rason, Aerial Photographer


(Stock photo)


KY-214 Participates in ELT Find


On Thursday, February 23rd, the call came in for an aircrew to form and launch from Bowman Field to prosecute an ELT search. The ELT was located in fairly short order by the CAP aircraft. After capturing the location of the ELT, the aircrew reported accurate coordinates to a CAP ground team that had been assembled. The ground team was then able to drive straight to the ELT and silence it. The ELT was found in the office of a marina on the Ohio River, setting on a desk or shelf in the office. GREAT JOB!




Lt. Col. Bob Sobotka
Capt. James Costanzo
2nd Lt. Wayne Rothlisberger


Ground Team

Maj Burkett
Capt. Steyn
C/2dLt. Steyn
C/SSgt Guerrero


Incident Commander

Lt. Col. Chris Nester



KY-214 Participates in Wildfire Mission


On Friday, November 4th, airmen from the Kentucky Wing, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) were activated to provide aerial communications support for the Kentucky Army National Guard. The Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin has since declared a state of emergency in the affected areas. Kentucky Wing aircraft from several squadrons throughout the state have been providing support by flying both aerial communications and aerial photography/fire spotting missions. Flying activities ceased on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, when Kentucky Wing airmen were stood down till further notice. With flights starting on November 4th and running through November 22nd, Kentucky Wing has flown ninety four (94) sorties in eight (8) different aircraft for over 218 plus flight hours supporting the fire fighting mission. Over forty (40) Kentucky Wing airmen have volunteered for this mission, expending 444 man hours in flight and hundreds more with administrative tasks associated with the mission. The Incident Commander for Kentucky Wing was Colonel Robert Koob, who worked closely with representatives from both KEM and the Kentucky Army KYARNG.


The Bowman Field Senior Squadron was a very active participant in this mission.  Flying 111.2 hours of the 444 hour total, the squadron flew for a bit over 25% of all mission flying.  Of the forty (40) Kentucky Wing airmen participating in the mission, the squadron had ten (10) volunteers step up to fly which amounted to 25% of the total mission personnel. Those who participated were: Lt. Col. Greg Bell,  Lt. Frank Coomes, Lt. Phil Danhauer, Maj. Hal Frary, Lt. Col. Bill Hayes, Lt. Darrell Lyvers, Lt. Col. Stan Mullen, Lt. Bill Rason, Lt. Wayne Rothlisberger and SM Zachary Watts. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish any of the photos taken during the mission since they are the property of the customer. For additional information, photos and resources,  go to Facebook with hash tag #KyWildfires.


Squadron Participates in Search for Missing Boater


On Sunday, July 18, 2016, airmen from the KY-214  squadron participated in a search and rescue (SAR) for a missing boater on Kentucky Lake.  The missing boater went overboard on Saturday night and the search was initiated the next morning. The squadron was tasked by Kentucky Wing Commander, Col. David Kantor to respond to a request for aerial assets to assist in the local search. The squadron launched a Cessna 182 equipped with the Garmin G-1000. To see and read more about the mission, click on the photo at left.




KY214 Provides Aircrews and Ground Resources During Missing Aircraft Mission


On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, members of the Bowman Field Senior Squadron participated in a search and rescue mission to look for a missing pilot and his aircraft. The missing plane had departed from Rough River airport and was believed to be en route back to his home airport at Owensboro, Kentucky. CAP air and ground resources worked with other state and local agencies in prosecuting the search.  The missing aircraft was found on the second day of the search with no survivors. To see more photos from the mission and to read the press release, click on the photo at left.



KY214 Aircrew Flies During Snow Storm Assessment Mission


On Saturday, January 23, 2016, at the request of KYEM and KYARNG the Kentucky Wing CAP launched three aircrews from LUK, LEX and LOU (KY-214) for this mission. Our photos were "excellent" according the KYEM. One aircraft and crew were launched by our squadron.  To see more of what went on during the mission, click on the photograph at left.






KY214 Squadron Hosts Joint Agency SAREX

On the weekend of November 14-15, 2015 The Bowman Field Senior Squadron hosted a search and rescue exercise (SAREX) that included Oldham County Emergency Management and several other CAP squadrons. Both air and ground activities took place during the SAREX. The event was for both training and to help work on interacting with local agencies during emergency/crisis situations. Over sixty (60) CAP members participated in the activity along with several local EM personnel. Operations were conducted out of the Bowman Field Readiness Center (BFRC) and at forward locations in Oldham County. To see more of what went on, click on the photo at left.


KY214 Squadron Participates in 2015 SAREVAL


Several members of the KY214 Squadron participated in the biannual Search and Rescue Evaluation (SAREVAL) conducted by the United States Air Force (USAF) and Great Lakes Region CAP personnel. The event was held at Kentucky Wing CAP Headquarters in Frankfort, Kentucky. Squadron members participated as mission base staff and mission aircrews.  To see more of what went on at the EVAL, click on the photo at left.





Squadron Member Represents KY Wing during COMEX 2015


Kentucky Wing Civil Air Patrol is participating in this year's COMEX 2015 exercise.  The exercise will be conducted from June 22-26 in four different locations throughout the state. Here is a link to the website that gives more info on COMEX 2015. http://kyem.ky.gov/comex/Pages/default.aspx. Below are a couple of photos of the Kentucky Wing's participation at COMEX 2015 in Burlington, KY provided by Lt. Bill Rason who participated on behalf of the wing. The CAP command vehicle is in the center flanked by the Kentucky State Police on the left and the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management on the right. Thanks for stepping up Lt. Rason.

Here's another photo of the COMEX 2015 on Day 4 (6/25/25) of the statewide event. Present from KY-214 were Col. Larry Herzog, Major Marc Feld, Lt. Bill Rason, Lt. Gerald Kelley as well as several senior members and cadets from KY-039 including their new CO Capt. David Katz. We were all security cleared prior to the event which occurred at the ANG 123 at Standiford Field. We got to chow down with the NG, KYEM, ARES, FEMA, and other first responder troops. Photo courtesy of Major Marc Feld.



Squadron Members Participate in Find


The offending EPIRB. Click this photo to find out more about the mission.On Friday, May 29, 2015, the AFRCC opened a mission with the Kentucky Wing to find an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) located in Washington County, Kentucky. KY-214 Squadron members Lt. Bill Rason and Major Bob Sobotka participated in the mission as a UDF ground team since both our aircraft were down with maintenance issues. Also participating in the mission was an aircrew from Lexington and another UDF team from Bardstown.


To see more of what went on, click on the photo of the EPIRB at left.


KY214 Squadron Flies Recon Mission at Thunder Over Louisville


Members of KY-214 participated in a photo recon flight in a CAP Cessna 182 for "Thunder Over Louisville". The flight took place 1000 feet above the Ohio River.

The flight crew was Mission Pilot, Major Bob Sobotka, Mission Observer, Captain Wallace Christian Wittkoff, and Aerial Photographer, Major Hal Frary. This is  just one of the many missions we do in the Civil Air Patrol. Photos are courtesy of Capt. Wittkoff (not pictured)


(Page revised on 9-Oct-17)