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KY214 Participates in the Southeast Region CAP SAREX, Capstone 2014

Aircrews from the Kentucky Wing CAP, took part in a large Southeast Region CAP disaster recovery (DR) exercise that was part of FEMA's Capstone 2014. Kentucky Wing is in the Great Lakes Region CAP so this was an inter-regional event. The exercise ran from Friday, June 20th through Sunday, June 22nd. The KY214 aircrews tasking was an aerial photography mission. Some good training and experience was gained by the members who participated in this event. Also, more SQTR boxes were checked off. Below are some of the photos from the KY214 Squadron aircrew that participated in Saturday's flight operations. To see the actual mission photos, logon to WMIRS. Kentucky Wing Operations Officer, Major George Stinson said the photos were excellent! Aircrew photos are courtesy of Hal Frary and Greg Bell.




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