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One of the purposes of CAP is to produce our next generation of warriors to defend this country in the armed services.  This squadron just happens to have a former member that has done just that.  Chris Amis.  He is now undergoing flight training with the United States Navy and has made it to jets so far.  Chris also served as an intern with NASA while attending the University of Louisville.  Here are some photographs that he has sent us since his flight training began.  Good luck Chris and catch that third wire!

Here's Chris climbing out of the cockpit of his T-34C. Click this picture to see a small movie clip of Chris and one of his fellow aviators. Chis in front of the T-43C Mentor.
Chris disembarking from the cockpit of the T-45 Goshawk. Chris, Billy, Jim and Bull in front of the Goshawk
His wingman is called Squish and he is Buff2 Another formation shot with Squish.
Chris in his T-45, what a great picture! This photo was taken while inverted, notice the ground is at the top of the frame.
  Chris in the T-45, can't you recognize him?

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