"The Day the Airport Stood Still!"

Image is from the movie: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Copyright 20th Century Fox Corporation. All rights reserved.


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On 30-June-2002 a 71-year-old man, who claimed he was being chased by aliens, drove his automobile onto Lunken Field Airport in Cincinnati, OH. After driving around on various ramps, runways and taxiways, his effort to flee the aliens was spoiled when he rammed his car into one of KY Wing's aircraft (N96626). Not to be discouraged, he backed up and rammed the aircraft a second time. Apparently, the aliens fled the scene as they were not present when the police arrived. There were no injuries; diagrams and photos of the incident are attached.

Capt. Kevin Fosberg

Here is a diagram of the incident with a aerial view of Lunken Field.

Here we see the damage to the empennage of N96626.  He must have given it a pretty good wacking!

Next we see the havoc wrought on the vertical stablizer.

And here we see a view from the tail of CAP Flight 1523.  Some bystanders also are present.

Finally after vanquishing the aliens, our savior was overwhelmed by his accomplishment and taken away by the proper authorities!

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Revised 11-Nov-03